4 Experiences to Have When you Visit Ras al Khaimah

ras al khaimah

Have you ever thought about taking a vacation in a desert? The answer may be a yes as several people have now got a taste of the Middle East. Tour packages and numerous Hollywood movies have portrayed the beauty of the foreign desert. Whenever we think of the UAE it is about the camel or jeep on a golden desert. Ras al Khaimah is one such desert based place which will catch your eyes. It is one of the Emirates of the UAE and a fan favourite. You will find numerous 5-star hotels in Ras al Khaimah. If you have dreamed about bathing in a hot spring in a desert then you will also find it in Ras al Khaimah.

Things to Enjoy in Ras al Khaimah

We may speculate that you are thinking about a trip to this beautiful desert based place. The coastline and the terracotta sands make Ras al Khaimah quite unique. So, to make the trip memorable, we have come up with some of the things that you should do in Ras al Khaimah. Let us begin with the list:

  • Safari to the Hajar Mountains: One such place that often gets geologists intrigued. The trip to the Hajar Mountains will give you a pristine view of the desert. But along with that, you see the beauty of the Hajar Mountains that lies in its making.
  • Kayak in the Mangrove Forests: Ras al Khaimah is regarded as one of the most fertile places present in the UAE. So, during your trip, you will see Mangrove forests which are the hub of natural ecosystems. You can take on a kayak adventure to the place to visit such a forest and find out about the local animals and trees.
  • Dip in the Khatt Springs: Vacation is all about relaxation and when you are in the Khatt village you will feel the best. The village is mainly noted for the hot springs and palm-lined places. Luxurious resorts and hotels are present to give a person the best time of their lives. The minerals present in the natural hot springs are stated beneficial for one’s health.
  • Visit the Historical Sites: The historical sites of places are often the key points that everyone should visit. Ras al Khaimah was a notable area in the historical times. The recent history of the past can be studied at the National Museum. Other than that there is the Dhayah fort. The abandoned village of Jazirat al Hamra is present to tell the story of the UAE before the era of oil drilling dawned. Shimla is yet another ancient place which is notable for the pre-Islamic tombs and civilizations.

Visiting Ras al Khaimah is quite easy as it is just 45 minutes away from Dubai. In the city, you will find the beautiful beaches that are an amazing place to spend your day. Other than that there are the luxurious resorts, restaurants, and parks that will make your trip memorable. So, definitely try including Ras al Khaimah as your next vacation.



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