Top 5 beaches in Mangalore to explore on your next visit!

beaches in mangalore

On the west coast of India, the city of major ports, Mangalore is situated along with the Arabian Sea, and on its east, it is surrounded by the Western Ghats. The primary vegetation of the city comprises of coconut trees, palm trees and Ashoka trees. Mangalore experiences tropical monsoon climate. The town experiences annual rainfall for six months from May to October. December to February is considered the least dry and humid months. The temperature in Mangalore never touches below 40 degrees. While there are a number of places to visit in Mangalore, the beaches are the main tourist attraction. As Mangalore has been ranked 8th in the cleanest city, it has some of the cleanest and most attractive beaches. Fancy a vacation? Check out now.

The five most prominent beaches in Mangalore are listed below:

Panambur Beach

This beach is located at a distance of 2kms from the New Mangalore port. New Mangalore port is the major port of Karnataka and is also a leading tourist spot. Visitors enjoy their time here by playing in the water and eating delicious street foods near the beach. Every year in January, an International kite festival takes place in Panambur. Watching colorful kites above the sea is a thrilling and exciting experience to watch. It is also an ideal spot to indulge in swimming. Tourist can visit this place if they want to take a break from their hectic schedules.

Tannirbhavi Beach

Tannirbhavi beach is located far from the city and therefore, it is less crowded than Panambur beach. It is referred to as one of the calmest beach. In Mangalore it is one of the cleanest and less crowded beaches. In order to visit this calm beach, one has to travel in their own vehicle as there’s only one mode of public transport available there. Visitors can experience the view of sunrise and sunset which is really amazing and unique. Some tourists also travel through the boat to reach this beach. Visitors can find forest behind also in front of the beautiful sea. A perfect combination of blue-green water can also be seen. Joint effort has been initiated by the district tourism department and a private company to transform the beach. Visitors can enjoy water sports like boating, jet-ski, surfing, etc. The basic facilities such as toilets; parking lot are also provided.

Someshwara Beach

Someshwara beach is located in Ullal. This immaculate beach is famous for its sunset view. The golden sand and the coconut palms along the beach makes the place a must-visit destination. The beach is famous for its large rocks known as “Rudra Shilas”. Visitors can travel through bus from Mangalore, Ullal, and Byndoor. To get a great view of the Netravati River Winding, one can climb the Ottinene hillock, which has lush vegetation and number of medicinal plants that grow naturally at this place. This beach is not suitable for swimming because there are many rocks here. The end of the beach has the ancient Someshwara Temple. The temple has been constructed by Queen Abakka Devi of Ullal.

Surathkal Beach

Surathkal is derived from “shiratakal” which means “headstone”. Surathkal beach is located on the national highway. The beach is famous for sightseeing, sun viewpoint, adventure and water sports, photography, connoisseurs, experience seeking and wandering. To explore and admire the sea beach visitor had not to pay anything. The beach is usually crowded in the evening time. The Sadashiva Temple near the beach is one of the major added attractions. There is also a lighthouse near the small hillock.

Sadashiva Temple. Surathkal is connected with a bus service facility. The maximum and minimum temperature here varies between 37-degree C and 21-degree C.

Sasihithlu Beach

Sasihithlu beach is located in Sasihithlu village, and hence it is a less crowded beach. The tidy shore makes it a great tourist attraction. White sand adds to the beauty of the beach. The blueish sea covered with this white sand gives glimpse of the Milky Way. The silent waves with the cool breeze make the atmosphere more relaxing. The beach is popular for hosting the “Karnataka Surfing Festival”. On this spectacular beach, three-day surfing competition takes place to promote beach tourism.

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