Sat. Dec 10th, 2022

Bengaluru people, being hustled in the weekdays, always wait for the weekend. So how about a visit to The Mantri Square Mall this weekend? Here you have lots of points that will suit your interests.

Shopping works as the best stress buster for everyone (especially women). So what are you waiting for? Mantri Square Mall entertains you with outlets of so many brands. And if you are not a brand freak, then too there are many other options available.

You can find almost all the major brands here including Lifestyle, Marks, Spencer, Reliance Trends, Pantaloons and Shoppers’ Stop. The thing to be noted is that it is definitely a great mall with lots of shops and lots of options. The Mall features over 10,000 brands across apparel, footwear, accessories and other lifestyle products, 250 outlets selling a wide variety of merchandise and offering the best of national and international brands. Here I list shopping stores of the Mall, check out the collection and rejoice yourself with new clothes, apparel and accessories. If you don’t want to lighten up your pockets, then too you can kill your stress by window shopping.

You can enjoy the complete happiness of shopping here, it offers quality products ranging from fashionable bags, trendy jewelry, footwear, watches, clutches, wallets, exclusive designer sarees, international sports brand, health and beauty products, world-class spa and much more. This Mall is a family destination where you can get garments, toys for kids, accessories and everything you want. Here is the list of shops starting from A-Z that offers quality products. [LGF- Lower Ground Floor, UGF- Upper Ground Floor, FF- First Floor, SF- Second Floor, TF- Third Floor]


o    Accessorize (FF)

o    Addons (UGF)

o    Adidas (FF)

o    AND (FF)

o    Archies (FF)

o    Area (SF)

o    Auchan Hypermarket (LGF)

o    Ayesha (SF)

o    Ayoka (LGF


o    Bagzone (FF)

o    Bata(UGF)

o    Bean stalk(SF)

o    Benetton (UGF)

o    Blackberrys(UGF)

o    Biba (FF)


o    Calonge (UGF)

o    Canon Image Square (SF)

o    Celio (UGF)

o    Chimera (SF)

o    Cocopelee(FF)

o    Cotton World (FF)

o    Creative Gems (FF)

o    Crocs(FF)


o    Davanam


o    Early Learning Centre (SF)

o    Enamor (SF)

o    Energy Armor (SF)


o    Fab India (SF)

o    Faces (LGF)

o     Fastrack (FF)

o    Favourite Shop (SF)

o    Favourite Shop (FF)

o    Fazal’s (FF)

o    Firefox Bikes (SF)

o    French Connection (UGF)


o    Hakashi (SF)

o    Head Phone Zone (UGF)

o    Health and Glow (SF)

o    Hidesign (UGF)

o    Home Centre (SF)

o    Howards Storage World (SF)

o    HP World (LGF)

o    Hush Puppies (UGF)


o    Identiti (FF)

o    Infinity (SF)

o    Inmark (UGF)

o    IRIS (SF)


o    Jashn (FF)

o    Jumbo Electronics (FF)

o    Jute Cottage (SF)

o    Jus Awesome (SF)


o    Kalanjali Handlooms (FF)

o    Kalanjali Ultimo (UGF)

o    Kaya Skin Bar (SF)

o    Kiah Diamond Jewellery (SF)

o    Kids’ Favourite Shop (SF)

o    Kushal’s Fashion Jewellery (UGF)


o    Lal’s Matching Centre (FF)

o    Laven (FF)

o    Lemax (FF)

o    Lenovo (SF)

o    Levi’s (UGF)

o    Lifestyle (FF)

o    Lifestyle (UGF)

o    Logitech (SF)

o    Luciano (SF)


o    Maheen (SF)

o    Manyavar (FF)

o    Marks & Spencer (LGF)

o    Megamart (UGF)

o    Metro (UGF)

o    MINC (SF)

o    Mochi (FF)

o    Mom & Me (SF)

o    Mother Earth (SF)

o    Mothercare (UGF)


o    Neckties & More (UGF)

o    Neeru’s (FF)

o    New U (UGF)

o    Nike (SF)

o    Nike (FF)

o    Nirvana (SF)

o    Nyls (SF)


o    Pantaloons (UGF)

o    Pantaloons (FF)

o    Pantaloons (SF)

o    Party Mania (LGF)

o    PARX (FF)

o    Peora (SF)

o    Pepe (UGF)

o    Planet Acer (SF)

o    Planet Fashion (UGF)

o    Planet Sports (FF)

o    Poe (SF)

o    Prapti Ethnicwear (SF)

o    Presto (LGF)

o    Proline (FF)

o    Puma (FF)

o    Pure Earth (SF)


o    Rado (UGF)

o    Rayban (UGF)

o    Regal (FF)

o    Reliance Footprint (LGF)

o    Reliance Trends (LGF)

o    Reliance Digital (FF)

o    Reliance Jewels (FF)

o    Reliance Living (SF)

o    Reebok Junior (SF)

o    Rocia (FF)


o     Sangeetha (SF)

o    Sanskruti Silks (SF)

o    Samsung (UGF)

o    Samsung Smart Cafe (SF)

o    Satya Paul (FF)

o    Shetala Cameras (SF)

o    Shoppers Stop (UGF)

o    Shoppers Stop (FF)

o    ShowOff (LGF)

o    Sketch Express (LGF)

o    Soch (FF)

o    Soles (FF)

o    Sony Centre (UGF)

o    Spoons (SF)

o    Sports XS (UGF)

o    Spykar (SF)

o    Sthri Elite (FF)

o    Sunglass Hut (UGF)

o    Swatch (UGF)


o    The Body Shop (FF)

o    The Imagine Store (UGF)

o    The Methiyadi shop (FF)

o    The Nathela Jewellery (FF)

o    The Time Factory (UGF)

o    Tissot (UGF)

o    Totally Hot Stuff (SF)

o    Trust Pharmacy (LGF)


o    Univercell Live (SF)

o    US POLO (UGF)


o    Vastrra (FF)

o    Vijayalakshmi Expressions (FF)

o    VIP (SF)

o    Vision Express (UGF)

o    VLCC (UGF)


o    W (FF)

o    Wild Craft (SF)

o    Whizz (SF)

o    William Penn (UGF)

o    Woodland (FF)

o    Woods By Woodland (FF)

o    World Of Titan (UGF)


o    Zimson (UGF)

After your busy shopping session you can enjoy your burger at KFC or from other food stores and dive into the melody of yummmm.. However you have lot of options. There are 39 Options in F&B – from the largest food Court in Bangalore with over 1,000 seats, 4 fine dining restaurants, fast food outlets, coffee shops, to juice bars and lounge bars.


o    Au Bon Pain (UGF)


o    Baskin Robbins (UGF)

o    Beijing Bites (TF)

o    Bliss Chocolate Lounge (FF)


o    Caffe Pascucci (SF)

o    Candy Treats (UGF)

o    Coke (TF)


o    Desi Dhabba (TF)


o    Fish N Chips (TF)


o    Gangotree (LGF)

o    Gelato (LGF)

o    Go Gola (TF)

o    Go Gola (PLZ)


Ibaco Ice Cream Shop (TF)


Jus Booster Juice (TF)


o    Kaati Zone (TF)

o    Kalmane Koffee (LGF)

o    KFC (UGF)

o    KFC (TF)


o    La Vie En Rose (LGF)


o    Mandarin Trail (TF)

o    Marhaba (TF)

o    Mad Over Donuts (UGF)

o    McDonalds (LGF)

o    Mc Flurry (UGF)

o    Mini Melts (TF)


o    New Krishna Bhavan (TF)


o    Pepsi (TF)

o    Pizza Corner (TF)

o    Pizza Hut (TF)

o    Polar Bear (FF)


o    Rajdhani


o    Sbarro (TF)

o    Shiv Sagar (TF)

o    Shiv Sagar Juices (TF)

o    Subway (TF)

o    Swensen’s (UGF)


o    Taco Bell (UGF)

o    Taste Buds (TF)

o    The Great Kabab Factory (TF)

o    The Oval Bar (TF)

o    The Soup bowl (SF)


o    Upsouth (TF)


o    Veg By Nature (TF)


o    Wow Momo (TF)

Now it’s Movie time. You can have the best movie experience in Mantri Mall. There are over 6- theatre multiplex with a 71 seater Gold Class screen, over 2,00,000 sq.ft. of space for food, leisure and entertainment. You can leave your kids in the fenced play area on 3rd level they charge Rs 125 for 45 mins. There is ameoba bowling alley and also scary house and Demon Jungle and few fun things on same level. The structure as well as layout of this international look shopping mall achieves a luxurious feel, giving the retailer a perfect platform for his brand.

The best part about this mall is, they have a huge parking lot, and it’s worth seeing how they stack up cars one on top of each other. I have never seen such a system even in USA. When someone is pulling out, you park there and it usually blocks the entire traffic in the parking lot. The parking space is for over 2,000 cars. Some of the services and amenities offered at Mantri Square Mall in Malleswaram are: Wheelchairs, Baby care room, Birthday celebration organizer, Instant photo/passport photo service, Kids play area and several more varied services.

A place to visit for die-hard shoppers. Simply the best mall ever visited. It’s so big that you need a whole day to shop around the place. You get everything in one roof and the most amazing thing is its parking.

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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