6 Places everyone should check out in Sikkim

India is a diverse country not only in its culture but also in its terrain. There are several unique landscapes present in this country which is different from many. You get to see mountains, beaches, natural hot water springs and other spectacles. Sikkim is a little state nestled in the north-eastern part of the country and it deserves much more love. Sikkim Tourism is being developed with full enthusiasm to bring in people from all over the world. So, we will state some places that you should visit in Sikkim on your next holiday.

Must See Places of Sikkim


This place falls between the two cities of Pelling and Gangtok. The place is beautiful because of its rich nature and the trekking trails that it provides to the visitors. It is also rich in the population of birds, so bird watchers from all over India visit this serene place to photograph the beauties. Even on a normal day tourists may see them on tall trees.


People do not usually go to this place because of its height. But this beautiful place falls on your way on the ‘Silk Route’. The place is a small village and they are best known for the homestays. People who love to go on trekking often take it as a place to start their journey.


Yumthang is a scenic valley that is present in Sikkim. The place is best known for the beautiful wildflowers that grow in the valley. The place looks great in monsoons which lead to the lush green fields and the beautiful flowers. Hotels and resorts are present at this place for you to take the best out of your trip.

Tsomgo Lake

This Lake is situated at an altitude of 12,400 ft. above sea level. The lake freezes in the winter days but at other times it looks extremely beautiful. You will spot locals and Yaks by the lake. The lake is surrounded by peaks which makes it photogenic. This place falls on the way to Nathu La pass.

Nathu La Pass

The place is important because it marks the border between India and China. You may often hear practice gunshots when you are finally close to the place. Permissions have to be taken to visit the place which can be easily arranged for Indians. Once you are at the place, you can enjoy the snow and a hot bowl of Maggi.


If you want to open your hotel windows and experience the lofty peaks of Himalayas then this is the perfect place to visit. Pelling is very beautiful because of its setting and you can clearly see Kanchenjunga from the place. Along with that, a number of waterfalls are present at this place. The sunset and sunrise are also breathtakingly beautiful.

So, here are some of the interesting places that you may visit in Sikkim. The state is extremely beautiful and people who love to travel should definitely visit this place. The natural and serene setting would definitely give them the needed pleasure.


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