5 Places that you should visit in Leh Ladakh

When we speak of India, we must remember the several states that have their own glory. Jammu and Kashmir have always been known for their beauty which is quite unique to India. In the northern part of the state, there is Leh Ladakh, a desert which is an exceptional thing to see. The high terrains and the cold weather don’t stop people from visiting the place. Leh Ladakh tourism has flourished even in the harshest of time because of people’s interest in the place. So, let us see some of the notable places that you may visit in the region to make your holiday a worthwhile one.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Leh Ladakh

Pangong Lake

We must start with this beautiful high altitude lake that almost everyone is aware of. The lake is extremely beautiful with its blue colour. It extends into Tibet and we as Indians experience the Indian part of the lake. The lake is frozen during the winter months when the place becomes extremely cold. You can see several birds’ species when you visit the lake.

Nubra Valley

Often green stretches of land cannot be seen in deserts but the Nubra Valley exists in Ladakh. Two rivers flow into the valley and the nearby places are filled with grass. The scenery is enjoyed by all tourists as they like the unique aspect of the place. In the valley, you will also see the sand dunes which transport you to a different experience. Maitreya Buddha is a nice spot to visit in the valley.

Zanskar Valley

This valley is extremely beautiful for the lofty mountains and the rugged terrains. The Zanskar River that flows through the place freezes in the cold and people often trek on it calling it the Chadar trek. Paragliding and water rafting are also common at this place. The Phutkal monastery present in the place is also famous among tourists for its location.

Hemis High Altitude Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are a fan of snow leopards then you have to visit this place to experience the amazing creatures. The altitude of the place is quite high and it stretches over a large place. Other types of animals like the Ibex, shapu, bharal are seen at this place. The setting of the sanctuary is exceptionally amazing because of the tall mountains and the tall trees that surround the area.

TSA Moiri Lakes

This Lake is notable for its sparkling water that reflects the beautiful sky. It is situated inside the Changtang Wildlife sanctuary and the lake stretches over 28 Km. The surrounding area has naked hills which are covered in snow during the winters. Several birds can also be noticed at this place and so it has been declared as a reserve for them. The lake isn’t much crowded as very few people know about it.

Definitely give Leh Ladakh a visit if you are in the mood for a location that has both deserts and mountains. The place will never disappoint you because of its amazing qualities of uniqueness and beauty. It is a worthy vacation that one can take in the northernmost part of India.


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