Railway ministry to launch Uday Express for business travellers

Indian Railways

Suresh Prabhu, the railway minister of India is taking several measurable steps to completely satisfy the travellers. He is focusing more on the requirements of passengers and ways to improve public relations. He has recently made an announcement to attract business travellers towards railways.

Prabhu said that “We will be launching Uday Express for business travellers who would start in the night and reach in the morning so that they can save on hotel cost”. He also highlighted that “Every rupee invested in railways has six time multiplying effect on economic and job creation sector.”

He announced double-decker trains on the night for the business travelers. The trains will be well equipped with modern facilities and connect metropolitan cities. Due to low availability of trains, businessmen opt to stay at night in hotels. This step will cut down the hotel cost and will generate more revenue for the railways.

He also added that “Technology was always been there but now the scale has multiplied now. Use of right technology is the game changer.”