Apple’s U-turn over WordPress controversy; WordPress goes ahead with no in-app purchase option

Image Source: 9to5Mac

Apple has taken back its decision in which they forced WordPress to add an in-app purchase.

Apple has been in a row of speculation lately regarding in-app purchases. Recently they removed Epic games’ Fortnite from the App store after serious arguments of in-app purchases. They never agreed and as a result, Fortnite was out.

Developers are in support of Epic games and feel like Apple must change its policies regarding this.

Talking about WordPress, on the WordPress app on iOS, you cannot purchase the premium version. You have to purchase it through their website. The app does advertise about its premium version on the app but there is no option to buy it.

Apple felt this isn’t right so they forced WordPress to add an in-app purchase option. The main reason is obviously money. Apple gets 30% of the payment received as an in-app purchase.

Apple Store is a huge contributor to Apple’s service business.

Apple says that WordPress submitted an update to the app that would have allowed customers to buy upgraded plans in the app, not via in-app-purchases. WordPress previously advertised its plans in the app, without offering a way to purchase them directly. WordPress didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment on the matter.

Apple soon realized this isn’t the right move. On Saturday Apple reversed its decision to add the in-app purchases and on the other hand, WordPress too has stopped advertising its premium plan. If the decision haven’t been reversed. There could be a huge outburst from the developer community against Apple. And Apple surely wouldn’t have wanted that.

Apple added that it reviews 100,000 apps per week and intends to help developers keep their apps on the App Store. The iPhone maker said WordPress no longer violates the rule as it will no longer advertise the plans.


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