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The world works at lightning speed. All want their queries to be addressed at a single click of a search without beating around the bushes. Schema markup plugins are the best solution in sight that could boost your website properties by providing an extra layer of data to your content. The schema markup acts as metadata that enriches your site in a way that the search engines get more information, and your site stands out as more appealing to the users. Your WordPress site might contain recipes or stories, and inserting the right schema plugin helps you display rich snippets in Google search. 

Let’s say,

You want to read a short story for your bedtime. There are plenty of options, some with 1 to 2 pages and some as macro tales. Which one would you go for? 

As per your interest, you will go for the first option. 

That’s how the add on the information of a website saves your time.

Well, now the question arises how do you add these plugins? You can do it in several ways, either you can install a plugin or manually add the right code. Schema markup is essential as it just isn’t making your website more available for the proper search but even gives a clear idea about what your site has to offer. Remember to select among various options; you must first know what kind of makeup you can add according to your data types.

Let’s dig into the features of some best Schema markup plugins available for WordPress

1. Schema Pro

Developed by- Brainstorm Force

Rating- 4.8 star

Schema Pro is an all-in-one plugin that lets you outperform your competitors in search engines. It offers a quick way to make your website and can be done in a few minutes. 

Schema Pro
Schema Pro

Advantages and Features

  • Supports 13 schema types: review, local business, article, service, product, course, person, recipe, job postings, book, software application, event, and video object.
  • No need for coding.
  • Allows choosing your target i.e., the type of post you want to add.
  • Add custom fields like image, date, author, etc. that can add more values.
  • Supports reviews, recipes, articles, and videos like snippets.
  • Optimize your business with information such as an address, website, phone number, ratings, etc. that will appear on Google panel.


  • It has no free version.


  • As it is a premium plugin, it comes at $79 for a 1-year license or $249 for a lifetime license.

2. WP Review Pro

Developed By- MyThemeShop

Rating- 4.1 star

You can have a beautiful review box with rich snippets through WP Review Pro plugin. It gives you multiple rating systems to choose from.

WordPress Review Plugin Pro

Advantages and Feature

  • It supports 14 schema types as display rich snippets, choose review rating system, user comment & reviews, ​CSS animations, ​responsive, speed optimized, widget feature, shortcode support, an options panel, unlimited color options, translation ready, change position and width of the box, compatible with caching plugins, lightweight, developer-friendly.
  • No need for coding.
  • The templates are predefined, and you can choose from plenty of options irrespective of your theme.
  • It provides review related rich snippets for movies, books, games, music, etc. 
  • It allows you to view user comments and reviews, thus helps in feedback.
  • It supports rating in the form of stars and thumbs up or down.
  • It has integration with WooCommerce.


  • A little pricey at first.


  • It will cost you $77 for using plugins for a single site license for one year, and an additional amount has to be given for consecutive years.

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3. Scheme App Structured Data

Schema App

Rating- 4.1 star

A free plugin is compatible with WordPress.

Advantages and features

  • It supports nine types of structured data – organizations, local businesses, articles, blog postings, events, products, videos, services, ratings.
  • Easy plugin interface that allows you to set your website URL.
  • Add video snippets for youtube. 
  • Customization of the post and allows field mapping.
  • Review widget
  • It supports WooCommerce Integration.


  • WooCommerce integration doesn’t come with membership and has to purchase it as an extension with extra money.
  • Premium version though, extends its functionality; still, there are specific schema data that you can buy separately according to their respective prices.


The standard version is free. The premium plans will cost you $30/month. For multiple domains and more pages, you have to pay $100/month.

4. Ultimate Blocks

Developed By- Gutenberg blocks Plugin

Rating- 4.9 star

This plugin is an extension of Gutenberg editor functionality. It is easy and a better option to create engaging content with Gutenberg and a well-built plugin.

Ultimate Blocks


Advantages and features

  • It offers you three types of schemas i.e., review box, FAQs schema, and Howto schema.
  • You can get 18 superblocks through this plugin as a table of contents, call to action, styled box, content filter, etc. that makes your website more responsive.
  • It facilitates adding rows to review criteria so you can get feedback based on several of your choice-context.
  • It is an excellent option for content creators, bloggers, and writers who want to optimize their marketing websites.


     It comes for free.

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5. WPSSO Core

Rating- 4.7 star



An SEO plugin that makes your content looks great on any search engines and supports advanced meta tags, open graphs along with the markup for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. 

Advantages and Features

  • It uses your existing meta tags and schema markup. Thus, there is no need to manually re-enter the descriptions, titles, product information, etc.
  • It has plugin customization for different languages; thus, you can switch languages for other front-end web pages.
  • The codes are fast, easy, and light, thus have maximum compatibility and WordPress performance.
  • It has built-in support for AMP plugins.
  • It has a feature to verify any 3rd party plugin settings for possible conflicts.
  • Provides complete information to search engines and messaging apps.

 The premium version comes with many extensions like customization features, support for embedded videos from Facebook, YouTube, etc.


You can start using this plugin for free. The premium version will cost $59 for a single site license.

6. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Developed By- Brainstorm Force

Rating- 4.6 star

All In One Schema

Yes, this is the plugin made by the same developer as that of the Schema Pro. However, it must not be considered that both are connected directly in any way. As the name has already suggested, this plugin lets you display any rich snippets for your website’s search engine. It gives you an eye-catching look and, at the same time, easy to implement.

Advantages and Features

  • It provides precise information to display in the rich snippets, thus gaining a higher ranking on your website’s search engine.
  • It supports several content types: review, event, people, product, recipe, software application, video, and articles.
  • It offers the support of 8 schema types.
  • There is no need for coding.
  • It is easy to set up as you will start by navigating to the post’s edit page where you want to add the markup and then select the schema type you like.
  • The meta box enables you to switch over to different fields based on the schema type you choose.


  • The plugin does not add schema markup automatically. Thus, you have to do a lot of manual work with the meta box that then adds to the WordPress editor.
  • The switching over to different fields even doesn’t an automatic operation. Each area will be requiring a dummy text, and you have to edit manually.
  • There are a lot of advertisements to opt for a premium plugin.
  • This plugin doesn’t integrate with WooCommerce.


You can avail of this plugin for free!

7. StarCat Reviews

Ratings- 4.9 star


This plugin automatically operated a complete WordPress review plugin that lets you create any review website. It detects the post type in your site and implements the best-suited Schema markup in your pages or has an advanced rating and review system that will work for you decently in WordPress theme.

You will be happy to know if you want a plugin to create a dedicated review site, then it’s the best option at hand.

Advantages and Features

  • It helps to collect the reviews and ratings of users on various criteria.
  • It has deep integration with WooCommerce that gives away coupons for customer reviews. So a win-win plugin for you.
  • You can reply to the reviews, thus forming an interactive bond with the customer.  
  • Multiple rating criteria.
  • Display product ratings in Google search pages.
  • It gives a robust comparison table to compare different listings.


You can have a free trial, and for the Covid-19 pandemic, you can avail of this plugin for $9/year.

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8. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Rating- 4 star

WP SEO Structured Data Schema
WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Open-source software has all the basics that are needed for schema markup and rich snippets. 

Advantages and Features

  • Adding of schema markup is easy and faster.
  • The plugin supports 11 structured data like organizations, local businesses, articles, blog postings, events, products, etc. 
  • It lets you set your website URL and type of website.
  • It provides rich snippets as star ratings, events and event times, video, breadcrumbs, etc.
  • This plugin area allows you to define the type of website and let you have standard settings.
  • Information like company logo, social media profiles, and contact details can be entered.

The premium version has features as

  • Upgrades the add on support for custom posts and the ability to auto-populate fields from existing data in your content and publisher settings.
  • Adds more schema types as books, courses, job postings, tv episodes, etc.


The standard version is free of cost. The premium of this plugin retails from $49.

9. SNIP: Structured Data Plugin For WordPress

Developed By- WP Buddy

Ratings- 4.5 star

SNIP: Structured Data Plugin For WordPress

SNIP is a premium rich snippet. It has a structured data plugin for your website and even supports Gutenberg editor and WordPress.

Advantages and Features

  • The global snippet feature allows you to create one schema that applies to all the posts, pages, or custom post types automatically.
  • It supports more than 800 schema types.
  • Supports custom fields and extended via hooks.


It is available to download from CodeCanyon retailing for $92. 

That the list of best plugins to insert your data in WordPress post could effectively add schema markup. Though you cannot use all the options at a time, having the best knowledge on each option will help you choose the best one as per your requirement.

Well at the end of the day I can assure you that these are the best snippet plugins WP Review Pro is your best option.

Suppose you want to have a rich snippet plugin with a variety of supported schema types, Schema Pro, All in One Schema Rich snippet, or Structured Data Plugin without any second thought. Schema Pro is the highest recommended as you get automation along with other prominent plugin features.

Make the right choice, folks!

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