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Well, recently WordPress came up with WordPress 5.5, there is a huge problem which users are experiencing after upgrading to WordPress 5.5

WP 5.5
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What is the issue?

There are two main issues. First is, WordPress has depreciated the support for jQuery and second, there is an issue with pagination. Let’s have a look at what these two exactly are?

The jQuery issue

jQuery migrate is a javascript library. This library helps in linking the data or code of your sites on the previous versions to your site on the latest version.

The problem begins if you are using an old plugin. A plugin that has not been updated maybe for a year. Due to the absence of jQuery, the plugin won’t function on the newer version because there is nor bridge to link it to the new version. The bridge was your jQuery.

Using a very old WordPress theme could also cause you similar problems.

The Stack Overflow forum is also experiencing questions related to WordPress 5.5. and sites losing functionality.

Stack overflow issue

How to fix it?

The solution to this problem isn’t that hard. First of all, you have to look at your side. Whether if you are using a plugin that has not been updated for a year. If yes, then look for new and regularly updated plugins.

WordPress has provided a solution from their side. They have released a plugin that restores the jQuery Migrate JavaScript library and restores the full function of a website. The name of the plugin is  ‘Enable jQuery Migrate Helper’. Still, it is advised to use a plugin which is updated regularly. Using outdated plugins have security issues too.

What is Pagination and the issue related to it?

Now moving on to the second main issue, Pagination. Pagination is the number displayed at the bottom of your webpage to guide users to a particular page.

Pagination is part of the navigational structure of a website. It allows site visitors to find web pages deep in a site.

The problem is the word ‘page’ is used by WordPress to only assin numerical values to it. But some themes are giving it alphanumerical values. So there is a conflict in the value of ‘page’. This leads to errors on your site.

A WordPress contributor has said that instead of using page for building themes, use some other words as a variable.

A user has said that he has started using ‘mypage’ as a variable name instead of ‘page’ and now he is not facing any issues related to pagination.

Here is what the WordPress contributor  Sergey Biryukov exactly said

“It should only have a numeric value, and is not meant to be used for any other purpose, e.g. ?page=offers&id=xxx.

So I would recommend changing this variable in any custom code to some other name to avoid conflicts.

As another possible solution, you can disable the redirect_canonical() function for these requests, that is attached to the template_redirect action by default.”


WordPress updates have always been smooth. Even this is not totally WordPress’s fault. They are trying to provide you better security and services by removing the outdated plugins. The Pagination issue would have been dealt by writing a pitch note earlier maybe.

The WordPress community always work amazingly to find solutions to any issue they face.

These issues related to WordPress 5.5 that have possibly affected thousands of publishers. But those problems are fairly easy to fix once the cause is identified.

All in all WordPress team and the contributors are doing an amazing job.

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