Two Rohingya refugees to address UN Human Rights Council conference in Geneva

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Two Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh have arrived in Geneva on Monday in order to address a United Nations Human Rights Council meeting.

According to Al-Jazeera news reports, the UN Special Rapporteur on Myanmar, Yanghee Lee, is scheduled to deliver a report over her visit to Cox’s Bazar refugee camp last month in Bangladesh. The refugee camp is home to almost one millions of Rohingya Muslims who have been forced to escape violence in neighbouring Myanmar or flew the country after suffering human right violence in Myanmar.

Earlier, India has provided relief assistance to the Bangladesh government in order to deal with Rohingya refugees on December 24. India has sent relief material to Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar.

For the very first time, India has not provided assistance to the refugees but also the local population whose lives has been severely impacted by the immigrant’s population and influx.

The Indian high commission will provide 2,00,000 woollen sweaters, 2,25,000 blankets and also 500 solar street lights as the assistance to Bangladesh.

However, Bangladesh had called on India to do more heavy lifting assistance on the Rohingya crisis, particularly negotiating with Myanmar.

India has recently helped Myanmar to construct 250 homes in its state Rakhine for Rohingya refugees. Bangladesh government are looking too far into the future, but a large number of refugees could have serious security and political implications in the longer term.



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