Afghanistan term ‘irrelevant’ to Pakistani envoy’s statement over Pulwama terror attack

Afghanistan has on Thursday, rejected the recent remarks made by Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghan Zahid Nasrullah Khan that the escalated tensions between Pakistan and India could affect the Afghan peace process and further stated they were in contradiction with Islamabad’s commitments in accordance with realizing peace in war-torn Afghan country.

According to ANI news reports, in a statement on Wednesday, the Afghan foreign ministry said: “Ministry of foreign affairs deems the recent remarks of the Pakistani ambassador that Afghanistan peace talks would be affected if India resort to violence against Pakistan in response to last week’s attack in Kashmir, as irrelevant and in contraction with Pakistan’s commitments with regards to realizing peace in Afghanistan.”

Kabul has further asked Pak to act upon its commitments and also asked to not make any “irrelevant statements”.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Afghan Zahid Nasrullah Khan has on Tuesday claimed rising tensions between Islamabad and New Delhi could affect the Afghan peace process.

The statement further stated: “The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has always wanted a reduction in any tension in the region and the difference to be resolved through dialogues and peaceful means. The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan once again call on Pakistani to act upon its commitments with regards to Afghanistan particularly those in relation to peace and refrain from making irrelevant statements that do not help solve any problem.”

Khan’s statement has come in a wake of de-escalation of Pakistan and India relations due to the Pulwama terror attack claimed by Pakistani backed and based Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorist organization which had led the deaths of about 44 CRPF personnel in Jammu and Kashmir.


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