Angela Merkel responds to President Trump Breaking G7 Communiqué Via Twitter

America President Donald Trump had brought his G7 meeting to a quick end by agreeing to sign the official communiqué after much hesitance, as he had been fidgeting to leave for his North Korean summit for a long time. Nevertheless, he negated his consensus as soon as he boarded the Air Force One by criticizing Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and demanding his officials to not sign the communiqué, which he deemed to be prioritizing Canadian tariffs over the US.

Soon after that, Chancellor Angela Merkel gave an interview to ARD where she condemned President Trump’s decision to withdraw a G7 consensus over Twitter to have been “sobering and a little depressing”. The Chancellor pointed out that she had always led her country by believing in win-win situations, but was slowly starting to believe that America only knew about a scenario where one side wins and the other has to lose. However, she spoke on the behalf of the entire EU when she said that the Union would still fight for the improvement of transatlantic relations, but not at the cost of getting ripped off by the Western country.

Chancellor Merkel also pointed out that she had realized that the real intention of the G7 summit was not fulfilled with their meeting at Québec, and hoped that there would come another chance for the world leaders to discuss upon it again. Besides the Chancellor, many other world personalities also pointed out the immaturity and irresponsible way President Trump decided to negate his consensus, with Chrystia Freeland, the Canadian Foreign Minister, going as far as to say that despite all the fake allegations, at least her President did not rule his country via ‘ad hominem attacks’.


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