Australia to conduct federal elections on May 18, PM Scott Morrison announces

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has on Thursday announced that Australia will conduct its general election voting on May 18.

According to ANI news reports, the polls would further decide whether Morrison’s right-wing Liberal-National Coalition govt will continue to govern or the main opposition Labour party led by Bill Shorten will retain power. If Labour party wins, then the country would view its seventh leader in just a decade.

During a meeting with governor-general Peter Cosgrove, Morrison told reporters: “At this election, there is a clear choice. It is a choice that will determine the economy that Australians live in, not just for the next three years but for the next decade.”

After losing multiple seats because of resignations, Morrison’s party has become a minority party government. Morrison’s centre-right Liberal-National Coalition govt was seeking to win extra seats in the federal election in order to bolster itself and regain majority power.

The country’s parliament has two houses – the Senate and the House of Representatives. To gain a majority, the government should at least get 151 seats in the lower house.



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