Bloc to prepare for no-Brexit deal scenario: European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker

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The chief executive of the European Union Jean-Claude Juncker has on Tuesday said, the bloc was preparing for a scenario in which Britain leaves the European Union (EU) without a Brexit deal.

On Tuesday, lawmakers voted down British Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposed Brexit deal by 432-202 votes triggering a political crisis that could lead to a chaotic exit of Britain from the EU or a reversal of the 2016 decision to leave the bloc.

In an official statement, the president of the European Commission and former prime minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker said the EU has been disappointed by the outcome of the vote and would now speed up its preparation for a scenario in which Britain leaves the European Union (EU) without a Brexit deal, according to Global News reports.

Juncker said, “The Withdrawal Agreement is a fair compromise and the best possible deal.” He further said, “It reduces the damage caused by Brexit for citizens and businesses across Europe. It is the only way to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.”

He added the European Commission had “invested enormous time and effort” and showed both the “creativity and flexibility” in coming to a Brexit agreement with May.

Juncker said: “The risk of a disorderly withdrawal of the United Kingdom has increased with this evening’s vote. While we do not want this to happen, the European Commission will continue its contingency work to help ensure the EU is fully prepared.”

Citing that time is running out as March 29 is the deadline for May’s Brexit deal, Juncker said, “I urge the United Kingdom to clarify its intentions as soon as possible.”


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