Boeing to resume grounded 737 MAX aircraft service by 2019 end: CEO Dennis Muilenburg

San Francisco, June 4: Boeing Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dennis Muilenburg has on Monday said the company is likely to receive a clearance from the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to restart operations and services on grounded Boeing 737 MAX planes by the end of 2019.

According to ANI news reports, the CEO made this statement during an interview with CBS News, which came shortly a day after a joint probe by Boeing and the FAA who has found some of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer’s 737 aircraft, including the grounded 737 MAX might have few faulty programs over their wings.

The freshly discovered issue show disturbance in 148 slat tracks which are being produced by Boeing supplier. According to the FAA, an aircraft would be brought down through a complete failure of the leading edge slat track, but also could cause harm to the plane in flight.

Boeing has said on Sunday it has reached out to airlines flying 737 aircraft and advised to monitor their slat track assemblies on Next Generation (NG) aircraft and MAX aircraft.

The development came shortly after two weeks when Boeing acknowledged it there were no defects in the 737 MAX planes stimulator, used to train pilots. The same model aircraft came under scrutiny following two deadliest plane crash, one in Ethiopia and another in Indonesia within six months, due to which more than 346 people have lost their lives.

In an official statement, McAllister said, “We are committed to supporting our customers in every way possible as they identify and replace these potentially non-conforming tracks.”

This recent development would not be beneficial for Boeing as the company has been trying to get the 737 MAX back into the air post-Indonesia and Ethiopia plane crash.

Last month, Boeing has said it has completed software update and tests for 737 Max planes that have been grounded worldwide since March this year following two deadly air crashes in a short span of five months.

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