Southern California jolted by strongest 6.4 magnitudes earthquake with casualties reports

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The strongest earthquake in two decades, measuring 6.4 magnitudes on the Ritcher Scale has jolted southern California on Thursday.

According to BBC news reports, the epicentre of the strongest quake was near the western US‘ California’s city of Ridgecrest. The quake struck the region at around 17:33 pm (UTC) on Thursday.

The quake was at least 240 kilometres (150 miles) north-east of Los Angeles, nearby California.

Firefighters have immediately offered medical assistance and also on Friday dealt with the fires in and across the city. The quake tremors were also felt in the Pacific coast, people from the Mojave Desert reported.

Moreover, significant damages were recovered in Ridgecrest – lies south-west of the epicentre, geophysicist Professor John Rundle told the BBC.

Heavy casualties were also reported, including broken and cracked roads and dismissal of power after the quake, which also damaged and shattered glasses and walls of homes in the quake-hit region.

The Kern County Fire Department stated Ridgecrest regional hospital was evacuated.

A spokesperson for California governor’s office of emergency services, Brad Alexander, “This may not be over. There could be more earthquakes happening in the area and anyone listening that’s in that region should be prepared to drop cover and hold on.”

Mayor of Ridgecrest Peggy Breeden said, “We are used to earthquakes but we’re not used to this significance.”

The country hosted media conference related to quake at 1;30 pm at the emergency operations centre.


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