Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau goes on offensive in debate to revive campaign

Canada is set to go to elections on October 21st. The current government under the leadership of Justin Trudeau has been facing a tight race from its main political rival, the Conservative Party. Lately, Trudeau’s campaign has been facing flak for the photos which emerged earlier in September as well as other scandals.

During the televised debate on Wednesday, the prime minister was able to salvage some points when he had launched an offensive against his rival. The Conservative Party has targetted the Prime Minister over his policies lately.

According to a report in Reuters, the debate was held in French which is a dominant language in the province of Quebec. The province accounts for 78 seats out of 338 seats in the federal House of Commons.

With everyone except the leader of the Conservative Party, Andrew Sheer who was found stumbling during the entirety of the debate. The leader was also targetted with his views on abortion. According to the report, the Conservative Party has always steered clear of the debate regarding the topic.

The Prime Minister had also accused the party of promoting politics of fear when during the debate, Sheer had attacked the government and alleging that the government would decriminalize illegal drugs in Canada.

Surprisingly enough, no one had discussed the blackface incident which had led the Prime Minister to apologise to its people. The polls show that the government has been reeling behind in the polling numbers. The performance of the Prime Minister would be able to provide breathing space. The next debate would be held on October 7th which would be in English while a French-debate would be held on October 10th.

(Inputs from agencies)


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