China urges Washington to stop executing pressures on Huawei telecom company

Image Source: Google

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson has on Monday said, China believed that the United States applied undue pressures on China’s enterprises, including the telecommunication giant company Huawei, and also called upon Washington to stop this treatment.

According to news reported by Sputnik, at a briefing, Geng Shuang said: “ We have paid attention to the relevant media reports and insist that the United States stop exerting undue pressure on Chinese companies, including Huawei, and provide a fair and favorable environment for normal cooperation between enterprises of the two countries.”

Furthermost, Geng also called on the US to further make a greater effort in promoting mutual trust and cooperation between the two nations – China and the United States on America.

Huawei, since the arrest of Huawei chief executive officer (CEO) Meng Wanzhou as she was alleged of accusing the US sanctions on Iran, has been facing severe criticism from several countries along with the US. Though the Chinese company had denied such allegations and accusations leveled against Huawei CEO Wanzhou.

Last year, the US, Australia and New Zealand have imposed a ban over China’s Huawei from participating in government contracts and also from supplying its equipment to those countries.

Polish media have reported on January 11,  that one of the directors of Huawei’s Polish office and a former high-ranking employee of Poland’s Internal Security Agency (ISA) were arrested in Poland on suspicion of spying for China.


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