US treasury Mnuchin announces China-US trade talks next week in Washington DC

China and the United States are expected to hold discussions aimed at the trade deal next week in Washington DC, US treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin has announced on Friday.

According to ANI news reports, Mnuchin has made US-China trade talks announcement after concluding a “constructive” talks with the Chinese trade officials in Beijing.

In a tweet, Mnuchin wrote: “@USTradeRep and I concluded constructive trade talks in Beijing. I look forward to welcoming China’s Vice Premier Liu He to continue these important discussions in Washington next week. #USEmbassyChina.”

During the eighth round of trade talks between both country’s officials, both sides “held a discussion on the next of the agreement and achieved new progress”.

According to China’s state media, the text of the trade deal was discussed during the two-day meeting aimed at resolving a trade dispute between two sides.

While the US delegation team was led by treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin and US trade representative Robert Lighthizer, the Chinese delegation team was led by vice premier Liu He, at the top-level trade and economic consultations.

US President Donald Trump has previously stated, “China’s going very well. China talks going very well.”

Both the US and China are engaged in the intense trade negotiation in the midst of trade dispute, which would have been gradually seen as Trump substantively increasing tariffs on Chinese goods, though Trump stepped back from his decision.

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