China won’t surpass America to become world’ top superpower, US President Trump claims

Trump is not happy with China

Washington DC, May 22: United States President Donald Trump has on Tuesday claimed China, wishing to surpass America, would not be able to become the world’s top superpower during his presidential tenure.

While speaking to Fox News, the US president noted he was “very happy” with the Beijing-Washington trade war and as China seeks to become the top superpower of the world, it is “not going to happen with me”.

Trump claimed: “Our economy has been fantastic. Because they were catching us, they were going to be bigger than us. If Hillary Clinton became president, China would have been a much bigger economy than us by the end of her term. And now it’s not even going to be close.”

According to Sputnik news reports, the statement appeared as the two powerful economies have been at loggerhead over trade deal and as they were trying to resolve disagreements after Trump’s last year move to impose 25 percent tariffs hike on Chinese goods worth $50 billion, in a bid to handle Chinese-US trade talks.

Ever since, the two sides have exchanged many rounds of renewed trade duties in their bilateral trade spat.

When questioned over the possible end of this bilateral trade spat, Trump said, “We’re taking in billions of dollars. China is obviously not doing well like us.” He added China’s economy was “not great” at the present moment.

The latest round of trade talks between China-US trade special representatives had ended abruptly without reaching any trade agreement. In turn, the White House announced a new set of tariffs on Chinese goods worth $200 billion, with Beijing vowing to retaliate against Washington’s move.




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