COMCASA to help Indian military in Indo-Pacific region

In the recent 2+2 dialogue with India and USA, it has been concluded that both the countries have entered a Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement(COMCASA). the foundation of this agreement will enable the Indian military to supervise the activities occurring in the Indian Ocean better. There have been several reports of ‘Chinese movements’ in the waters and this agreement will help the Indian forces to keep a check.

Mike Pompeo’s trip to Pakistan and India was instrumental in shaping the Indo-Pacific strategy with both countries in the backdrop of China’s growing power over the region. The 2+2 dialogues were supposed to strengthen the relations between India and the US. It was also concluded in the meeting with Pompeo that New Delhi could potentially become a regional counterpart to Beijing. As stated by the US Secretary of State “ we see the strengthening of India’s democracy, its military, its economy as a stabilising element in the world.”

“With COMCASA, Indian armed forces will get to fully exploit the capability of the military platforms procured from the US. For instance, the P-8I reconnaissance aircraft of the Navy which have emerged as a major force multiplier are currently operating at limited capacity,” a defence official said.

The 2+2 talks are the result of a series of bilateral actions starting with president Bill Clinton’s visit to India in 2000. Since then, there have been inter-ministerial meetings on many levels that were meant to put India and the US on the road to a truly strategic relationship. The talks were finally reaching a resolution stage.

The deepening of the US-India relationship is centered around the policy of promoting a regional agenda and ensuring “freedom of the seas and skies, promoting market economics, supporting good governance, and insulating sovereign nations from coercion.”

However, this move of the country has invited criticism from the CPI(M). Sitaram Yechury has stated that the Modi government is ‘surrendering’ to the imperialism of the USA and the fact that the nation is being reduced to the status of a ‘junior ally’.


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