UK Commons leader Andrea Leadsom resigns amid Brexit chaos

London, May 23: Brexit supporter and House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom has resigned the cabinet, stating she does not believe Prime Minister Theresa May’s government’s approach would deliver Brexit.

According to ANI news reports, Leadsom’s resignation comes amid a backdrop against the prime minister’s Brexit deal from Conservative members of parliament.

Many cabinet ministers have told the BBC news that May cannot stay in power, with one saying it’s “the end of the line”.

In a letter to Leadsom, May wrote she was “sorry to lose someone of (her) passion, drive, and sincerity.” May also said she was disagreed with “the assessment you now give about our approach” to the withdrawal deal.

Leadsom’s resignation counts as the 36th minister under May, in which 21 left over Brexit deadlock. Her resignation comes a day before the United Kingdom was all set to hold its European elections.

In her resignation letter, Leadsom stated she no longer have faith that May’s approach to Brexit could “deliver on the referendum result”, or ensure “a truly sovereign United Kingdom”. She said a second Brexit vote would be “dangerously divisive”.

Fourth Brexit referendum would “risk undermining our Union which is something I passionately want to see strengthened”, Leadsom said.

May has also opposed second Brexit referendum, but however, on Tuesday she presented a chance to vote for second Brexit vote to the parliament.

Leadsom added tolerance for those under May’s leadership “who advocate policies contrary to the government’s position had led to a complete breakdown of collective responsibility”.

The PM office has stated May was “disappointed” over Leadsom’s resignation but however, she “remains focused on delivering the Brexit people voted for”.

The Brexit deal has been thrice defeated in the British parliament and the chance to get May’s divorce deal through the parliament for the fourth time looks not okay.


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