The Indian Wire » World » David Cameron slams current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for helping Brexit cause for personal gains

David Cameron slams current UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for helping Brexit cause for personal gains

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Former United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister David Cameron has accused the Current Prime Minister Boris Johnson to have used the issue of Brexit to boost his own career.

David Cameron had been the Prime Minister during 2016 when the Brexit referendum took place, with 51 percent people opting to quit the European Union.

Cameron said in a memoir that Boris Johnson never truly believed in the ‘Leave’ campaign and took the opportunity to increase his profile within the Conservative Party. Cameron who had resigned following the result of the Brexit referendum in 2016 said that Boris Johnson had believed that second referndum dealing with the terms of the exit should happen. Which the current Prime Minister is strongly against.

Boris Johnson alongside Micheal Gove, the minister who is incharge of preparing the United Kingdom for a No-Deal Brexit was also attacked by the former prime minister.

Cameron had represented the ‘remain’ campaign has also lambasted the leaders of the ‘leave’ campaign of lying to the British people. He said that on the claims of savings that the United Kingdom would make after ending their membership with the European Union.

Cameroon wrote, ‘We were no longer in the realms of stretching the truth, but ditching it altogether. Leave was lying.”

The Prime Minister further claimed that he did offer Johnson a position in the cabinet in order to ensure that he does not join the ‘Leave” campaign. He also accused of the ‘Leave’ campaign of using the claims of Turkey joining the EU, according to a report in the Guardian, it did not take much to figure out why the focus was on the country.  It claimed that it raised heightened Islamophobia and the fear of the transformation in the communities in the UK.

Cameron also blamed the two ministers of turning a blind eye as per their convenience and twisting the truth for their own political gain during the ‘leave’ campaign. He wrote, ‘Both then behaved appallingly, attacking their own government, turning a blind eye to their side’s unpleasant actions and becoming ambassadors for the expert-trashing, truth-twisting age of populism.’

After resigning from office, Cameron stayed away from public eye.

His successor Theresa May ]had negotiated an exit deal with the representatives of the European Union. The deal failed to go through the parliament thrice, forcing her to step down as the Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson assumed charge after Tharesa May resigned promising to find a way to ensure that the United Kingdom would leave the European Union either with or without  deal. A move against a no-deal Brexit was put in place after the British Parliament had enforced a law seeking an extension in case the terms of agreement not met with the European Union.

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