Donald Trump says US breaking off relationship with WHO; to cut ties with China

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Friday said that America is putting an end in its relationship with the World Health Organisation as he blamed the organisation and China for the deaths and mass destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic globally.

Trump stated that the funding of the WHO would now be redirected to the other public health organisations. He also announced a chain of few critical decisions against China issuing declaration in accordance to deny certain entries to Chinese citizens. Also, the rules and regulations would get even more strict against Chinese investments in the US.

The recent speech by Donald Trump, from the Rose Garden of the White House, was blunt and straight-forward. He demanded China to give answers to the questions the world was seeking. He accused the country of having stolen the intellectual property, taking away billions of dollars from the US and pushing the global economy into joblessness. “The world needs answers from China,” said Trump.

Trump presumed that the Chinese government has constantly violated its promises to the US and many other nations. “These plain facts cannot be overlooked or swept aside,” he said.

It was only earlier in the headlines wherein, Trump, had very assertively pointed the World Health Organisation about their carelessness of the current COVID-19 pandemic situation. Trump’s one of the tweets also reflected that he has a strong view where WHO is biased towards China, and called the organisation “China centric”.


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