European Elections 2019: Dutch Labour Party celebrate after exit polls indicates ‘unexpected’ victory

The Dutch centre-left Labour Party is celebrating their “unexpected comeback” in the European Parliament polls which held on Thursday.

According to BBC news reports, the results of the polls are due to be released late Sunday in accordance with the rest of the European Union (EU), however, the Dutch Labour Party is toasting what they claim as a victory based over exit polls which they have seen.

However, these it is not necessary that the exit polls results were an accurate indication for Dutch Labour Party win.

On Friday, the votings took place in the Czech Republic and Ireland. The majority of the European Union nations will vote on May 26, Sunday, as the final election campaign events were taking place across the continent on Friday.

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The European Parliament has kicked off its European elections on Thursday morning in the Netherlands, as well as, the United Kingdom (UK) also joint the polls, with the polling stations opening at 6:00 GMT in Great Britain.

From now onwards to the next four days, the people of the 28 European Union (EU) member states will go for the polls to elect 751 deputies who will serve the European Parliament for the next five years, according to Sputnik news reports.


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