EU rejects UK’s request to hold weekend Brexit talks

Brexit Deal Boris Johnson

The European Union has rejected the United Kingdom‘s request to hold Brexit talks this weekend. This comes when the UK has submitted its plan with regards to Northern Ireland and its substitution to the Backstop plan this week.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, has come under a lot of scrutiny over the way he has dealt with the issue of Brexit. The UK is supposed to leave the Union on October 31st.

According to a report in Reuters, the European Commission said that the plans provided by Johnson do not provide the basis for finalising a withdrawal agreement. The UK had decided to leave the bloc after a referendum which saw almost 52 per cent of the population willing to leave the EU.

Johnson, had been adamant on ensuring to get Brexit done by the deadline date of October 31st either with a deal or without one. A move which the UK parliament has been critical of is a no-deal scenario. This had led to the Parliament enacting a law which forces the government to seek an extension if a deal is not agreed by October 19th.

The European Union has been concerned about the intention of the UK Prime Minister as he again had reiterated that he would not lead the country into another delay with regards to the issue of Brexit.

According to the report in Reuters, Dominic Cummings said that If the EU says no then we are not going to do what the last lot did and change our negotiating position. If we don’t get anything next week, we are gone.”

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