‘Enemies’ seek to create discord between Iran-Iraq amid Baghdad unrest: Supreme Leader Khamenei

Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Tehran, Oct 7: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has said on Monday “enemies” were seeking to sow discord between Iraq and Iran amid civil unrest in Baghdad.

According to Al-Jazeera, Khamenei was quoted as saying via a tweet: “Iran and Iraq are two nations whose hearts & souls are tied together… Enemies seek to sow discord but they’ve failed & their conspiracy won’t be effective.”

State-run IRNA news agency said Khamenei’s statement comes in wake of the recent mass anti-government protests in several cities of Iraq.

Iraq Prime Minister Abel Abdul Mahdi has on Thursday called for dialogues following the third consecutive day of a mass anti-government protest in capital Baghdad and several provinces.

In a statement, local media on Thursday quoted the prime minister’s office as saying, Mahdi was “continuing contacts” with the pro-democratic dissenters in an attempt to end the civil unrest and “return to normal life”.

Iraq authorities have blamed unidentified snipers and “saboteurs” for targeting the anti-government protesters.

The statements come as 4,000 individuals summoned to demonstrate in the capital, in defiance of the curfew imposed on Wednesday. In addition to the restriction imposed, Iraq’s authorities have also shut the internet service in Baghdad and several other regions.

Meanwhile, the Associated Press reported the death toll rose to 33 with more than 1,500 wounded. Restrictions have been also imposed in Iraqi cities of Nasiriya, Amara, Najaf and Hilla on Thursday, according to Reuters.

Moreover, Iraq’s military confirmed “excessive force” was used by the security forces in cities to disperse anti-government protesters. “Excessive force outside the rules of engagement was used and we have begun to hold accountable those commanding officers who carried out these wrong acts,” the military said in a statement.

Iran has also cautioned its nationals preparing to participate in a major Shia pilgrimage in Iraq to postpone their travel into the nation amid violent civil unrest.



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