Former FEMA: Trump use authority to bypass congress, border issue not an emergency

The former head of the FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) has on Thursday, said the United States President Donald Trump’s demand of a border wall along with Mexico at the US southern border is no national emergency.

FEMA former head Craig Fugate, who was the head of the national disaster agency for eight-year under the presidency of former president Barack Obama, said the push towards ending illegal immigration movement on refugees seeking asylum at the border is not a national emergency.

According to news reports,  Fugate said the US president has called the movement a crisis and was declaring a national emergency to bypass a reluctant US Congress and receive fund for his awaited US-Mexico border wall that has led to extending the partial government shutdown.

Fugate, who was the part of the department of homeland security, said most of the refugees enter the US through the northern birder rather than the southern border.

Fugate said, “I’ve yet to see anything physically stop illegal immigration.” He said in order to stop illegal immigration, it would be cheaper as well as effective to spend funds to reduce poverty and crime in the region the refugees flee from.

Fugate said, “This is posturing, blustering.” He said Trump was essentially saying “if I can’t get Congress to fund it, I’m going to use my authority to bypass Congress”.

Fugate said he worries about what would happen if Trump declares a national emergency in order to bypass the US Congress. He said, “What happens if they suspend the vote? What happens if they suspend the Congress?” He said, “That’s what happens in countries where the executive branch is greater than the legislative and judiciary.”


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