Hong Kong: Freed pro-democracy activist Wong vows to join mass protest against leader Carrie Lam

Hong Kong, June 17: Joshua Wong, democracy activist, was released from a Hong Kong prison on Monday after serving his nearly five weeks detention for contempt o court, vowing to join the mass protest movements the territory’s China-backed leader Carrie Lam to step down.

According to Reuters news reports, Wong’s release comes after a day when protesters called for Lam to resign over a controversial extradition law, saying around two million people have joined Sunday’s demonstration to government federal offices.

22-year-old Wong said, “I will join to fight against this evil law. He was amongst leaders of the 2014 “Umbrella” pro-democracy marches that had blocked several major roads in Hong Kong for some 79 days.

He said, “I believe this is the time for her, Carrie Lam the liar, to step down.” Ahead of his detention, both he and his supporters called on the government of Hong Kong to scrap the proposed extradition bill.

Hong Kong media has on Saturday reported the territory’s government would be suspending a proposed extradition law to mainland China for a trail that has sparked mass protest and widespread anger, with Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam planning to address reporters later today.

Support for swift passage for the proposed bill began to fall apart on Friday which a senior advisor to Lam and many pro-China politicians saying discussions over the bill should be suspended for the moment.

The extradition law, which will cover the territory’s resident and foreign, Chinese nationals traveling or living in Hong Kong, has several concerned the bill may threaten the law rule that underpins the territory’s international financial status.

Lam has stated the bill is necessary to prevent criminals from using Hong Kong as part of hiding and that the city’s court will protect human rights groups. The court will decide over case-by-case basis extradition.

The Hong Kong authorities have on Thursday shut federal offices in the centre of the city following mass protests against a controversial extradition bill that permits suspects in the territory to be sent to mainland China for a court trial.

Anti-riot gear wearing local police have on Wednesday launched tear gases, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and batons, on demonstrators protesting on the streets of Hong Kong against the controversial extradition law.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong on Wednesday, continuing their demonstration against a controversial “extradition bill”. Protests broke as lawmakers were slated to address the second reading of the extradition bill alongside holding a debate over the matter.

Around 5,000 security personnel were deployed in the region, sealing the legislative council centre of Hong Kong, around which hundreds of demonstrators were holding a march.


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