#FridaysforFuture : 7.6 million individuals attend strikes globally to spread awareness on climate change

climate change

The global climate strike which took place last week managed to get the support of 7.6 million people including workers, students and scientists. Climate change has been a serious global concern after the melting of the polar ice caps and rising temperature in the world.

According to a report by Anadolu Agency, the protest is the largest in the history of protests which was almost equal to that of the 2003 Anti-Iraq war protests.

The global mobilization along with the support of Climate Change Activist Greta Thunberg had been called when the United Nations was gearing up to organize the United Nations Climate Action Summit. In her speech at the United Nations Thunberg had blamed the inability of the governments and the big oil firms for the failure in preventing the climate change which threatens millions of people and ecosystems.

During a time, when countries have called for a climate emergency many in the world are failing in their commitments to reverse the effects of the crisis. According to a website of 350 movement, the main organizers of the protests and a climate action group, the protests were supported by celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Gisele Bundchen, Jaden Smith, Mick Jagger and Chris Hemsworth.

Global Powers like the United States had decided to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement which saw a massive increase in fossil fuel production in the country. Several countries have been taking respective measures in order to fight climate change.

The world has been observing the funerals for the melted glaciers which are held in order to create awareness in the public regarding the effects of climate change. The protesters demanded the redressal of their issues regarding their climate policies. This is following a time where major forest fires in Amazon and Indonesia which have not only increased the threat of air pollution but also the damage to the unique ecosystems tht it posses.

According to the report in Anadolu Agency quoting the statement from the climate action group,  more than 6,100 events were held in 185 countries, with the support of 73 Trade Unions, 820 civil society organizations, 3,000 companies and 8,500 websites.

Countries which had the maximum participation included Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and the United States.

(Inputs from agencies)


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