Bangladesh PM Hasina accuses Myanmar of being uncertain in repatriating millions Rohingyas

Dhaka, June 10: Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has on Sunday accused Myanmar of being dubious when it comes to taking back its Rohingya people who fled a military crackdown by Myanmar’s forces in the northern Rakhine State, and arrived neighbour nations seeking refuge.

Hasina was quoted by state-run Tribune as saying, “The problem lies with Myanmar as they don’t want to take back the Rohingyas by any means though Naypyidaw signed an agreement with Bangladesh promising to repatriate them.”

According to ANI news reports, meanwhile, the prime minister also feared few voluntary and international agencies were too unwilling to resolve the Rohingya issue and the crisis, stating, “They never want the refugees to return to their home.”

Hasina further underlined Bangladesh had held dialogues with Japan, China, and India separately over their statement on the Rohingya crises. All the three nations had recognized Rohingya as Muslims and further agreed to their homecoming, Hasina added.

She has also expressed her concerns related to the security aspects, involving Rohingyas, as many of the refugees were found engaged in criminal activities, calling on the authorities to tell law enforcement groups and armed forces to intensify their vigil.

Hasni was quoted as saying, “We asked them to raise a security cluster around them (Rohingya camps) and enforce a constant patrol.”



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