Historic Summit Between President Trump and Kim Jong Un to go as scheduled earlier

After an extensive meeting between North Korean senior officer Kim Yong Chol and President Donald Trump, during which the latter received a rather large letter delivered to him at the personal request of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, President Trump announced that the 12th June US-DPRK Summit was back on track. President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un are set to meet in Singapore on the 12th as previously scheduled, to discuss further diplomatic steps.

This news came after President Trump had abruptly sent a letter to North Korea in which he expressed his intentions to cancel their historic summit – something which would have taken place had Kim Yong Chol, Vice Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea, not decided to personally undertake a visit to New York to speak with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and then immediately travel to Washington to confer with President Trump.

In his statement to the reporters at the White House, President Donald Trump announced that if everything continued to move on track, the 12th June Summit would only be a beginning of something very positive, which would affect the political relations between both the DPRK, and the USA. Trump labelled the on-and-off summit as a “get-to-know-you” situation, which would require many more follow-up summits before it achieved its main goals of complete denuclearization. In a statement, President Trump also hinted the slight possibility of getting Kim Jong Un to sign a formal agreement to end the 1950-53 Korean War, which was brought to a loosely tied end with a truce. Whatever the case, President Donald Trump hoped to make the best out of the upcoming summit which would be held in Singapore shortly.


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