Anti-extradition Bill protesters plan multiple demonstrations targeting Hong Kong Airport

Hong Kong Protests

Hong Kong, August 23: Hong Kong is preparing for further protests and a “stress test” of the territory’s international airport in the coming two days on Sunday.

However, the high court on Friday extended an order prohibiting Hong Kong protesters from entering the international airport, as per local media news reports, according to Al-Jazeera news reports.

Multiple demonstrations are planned to take place on Friday, including a mass march by the administrative headquarters’ accountants and a baltic chain event in which dissents will summon from across different towns and provinces in Hong Kong.

“Go to the airport by different means, including MTR, Airport Bus, Taxi, Bike and Private Car to increase pressure on airport transport,” pro-democracy protesters wrote online.

On Thursday, Hong Kong students announced they will boycott all lectures as the new term in school is set to kick off.

Some 1.7 million Hong Kongers rocked the streets on last Sunday’s massive turnout that conveyed the movement still covers widespread supports instead of the chaotic scene last week, during which protesters seized the Chinese-ruled territory’s international airport.

Few activists apologized for the airport rally and crisis, and many were seen on Sunday night urging others to leave for home peacefully, according to Reuters.

On Monday, the Hong Kong police said while Sunday’s peaceful demonstration, there were violations of the peace when time counted down in evening, during which some dissenters defaced public structures and aimed laser lights at officers.


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