India backs UN call for Taliban-Afghanistan govt to hold direct peace talks to end 18-year-long war

Washington DC, Sep 11: India on Tuesday backed the United Nations (UN) call for face-to-face dialogues between President Ashraf Ghani-led Afghanistan government and the Taliban, particularly ahead of the presidential election in the war-ravaged nation.

India also asserted the process of reconciliation and peace needs favourable atmosphere, as it could not proceed in an atmosphere of terror, according to ANI.

Addressing quarterly debate over United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) at the UNDC, New Delhi’s permanent envoy at the UN, Syed Akbaruddin said: “It is the Afghan people who will implement and beat the consequences of any agreements arrived at. Hence, outcomes which have constitutional legitimacy and a political mandate and are arrived at in an inclusive and democratic way alone can ensure stability. We, therefore, support the secretary general’s call for direct talks between the Afghan government and Taliban.”

Giving reference of the latest terror explosion outside the US embassy in Kabul at night ahead of anniversary of 9/11 terror attack in Washington DC, Akbaruddin said, “There is a surge of violence in Afghanistan in recent days, including threats to the election process itself.”

He added the violence has escalated apprehensions that terrorist acts are being used to “jockey for a place of advantage in the negotiating process”.

The envoy said though, Afghanistan is about to celebrate a century of independence this years, the nation stands at yet another “transformational juncture”.

Ghani government has reiterated its stand to hold the presidential election on September 28 as originally scheduled and took steps with “full wisdom and precision” for Afghan peace process.

In the wake of this, Akbarudding said the international community should continue its backing by completing the compliances made to the Afghan armed forces in their battle against a surge of terrorism.

He also called on the international panel to address the safe havens being enjoyed by the terror organization such as the Haqqani Network, Taliban, Al-Qaeda, as well as, Daesh and its affiliates, including Jaish-e-Mohammed and Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The envoy said, “Having been victims of terrorism, we understand and empathize with our Afghan friends the suffering and pain ther are undergoing.”

He also the Afghan people have embraced and bolstered democracy, established constitutional order, promoted the rights and welfare of youth and minorities, as well as, constructed increasingly capable and strong security force.



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