International Women’s Day: Hundreds of women protests on streets of Spain to mark the day demanding gender equality, rights

Gender Equality’ campaigners marked International Women’s Day on Friday with protests on the streets of Spain, discussion panels and celebrations.

According to Reuters news reports,  in one of the demonstrations by protesters, around hundreds of women gathered around the central Madrid at midnight to bang pans and pots, demanding rights for women in the society where they are still dominated by men.

Gender inequality has been a deeply divided issue in Spain just ahead of country’s April 28 parliamentary election.

The Spanish capital also saw another protest against gender inequality, patriarchy and violation later today involving some 200 women cyclists.

Many wore purple – on jackets, trousers and bags – a symbolic colour used by women’s rights activists.

“I can’t imagine not being here, I’m a woman and this concerns me directly,” said 40-year-old Lucía Sánchez, who came by bike with other friends.

Demonstration from amnesty international, in Paris, gathered outside Saudi’s embassy to flag placards “Honk for women’s rights”, calling for the immediate release of detained women activists, including those who had campaigned in the deeply conservative kingdom.

Queen’s Commonwealth Trust had convened the session – an organization of which Meghan was announced vice-president on Friday.


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