In a interview, Putin speaks on Russia’s relationship with western countries

Prior to his visit to China on the 8th of June, Russian President Vladimir Putin was recently broadcasted in an interview with China Media Group Co. Ltd., where he was recorded speaking about Russia’s economic condition, and the way sanctions implemented by the United States were steadily affecting their overall development. Coming to the conclusion, President Putin reaffirmed that despite the exaction of harsh sanctions and punitive measures, no western country could ever coerce Russia to stoop to the servile level of being that country which traded sovereignty for trade-offs.

President Putin also pointed out in a seemingly non-hostile way that any country which attempted to follow the US’ lead to punish Russia for its past or present activities would suffer more than what they dared to inflict upon the country. All plans of the West to wreck the Russian economy would always backfire upon them, and in the end, the country with more losses would not be Russia. Despite this blatant display of agitation not being directed at any country in particular, it is widely speculated that President Putin’s remarks were an indirect reply to the US government attempting to sabotage the European companies involved in the building of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline – expected to create a friendly flow of natural gas between Russia and the EU – by imposing harsh sanctions upon that as well.

In conclusion, President Putin cleared out the query that Russia never intended to laugh at the West’s misfortune, but the fact that all the countries which had blindly followed Washington against Russia were now suffering deeply would always remain true. Nevertheless, President Putin explained that he hoped to build better positive ties with the West in the future, and that the relationship between the two blocs would definitely improve one way or the other.


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