Investigators into Ethiopia plane crash finds anti-stall system activation before Boeing 737 MAX crash

Boeing incorporation india

Investigators into Ethiopia plane crash, Boeing 737 MAX, has reached a preliminary conclusion on their investigation, stating an anti-stall system has been activated before the aircraft hit the ground, the WSJ reports said on Friday.

According to Reuters news reports, US investigators reviewed the data from “black boxes” which were aboard Ethiopian airlines flight 302, four people familiar with the probe reports told Reuters. The United States officials said a preliminary report is likely to be revealed as early as next week.

Investigators into Indonesia plane crash, 737 MAX crash, in October, has focused over a new anti-stall system, called MCAS.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has globally grounded all Boeing’s fastest-selling 737 MAX air jets which worth more than $500 billion, although the airline has the authority to fly jets to move it other airports but without any passenger.

A legal lawsuit was filed against Boeing on Thursday in Chicago federal court by a victim of the Ethiopian 737 plane crash. It alleged that Boeing airline has defectively designed its automated flight control system. However, Boeing said it couldn’t comment over the filed lawsuit.

The US department of justice is also probing the development process of Boeing and what it has disclosed about MCAS.

On Monday, the US transportation department said a new blue-ribbon commission will be reviewing how the FAA certifies new planes.




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