Iranian authorities seize 17 alleged US CIA spies; some sentenced to death

Iran vs the US

Tehran, July 22: The Iranian authorities have said on Monday 17 individuals have been detained who were supposedly spies working for the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Addressing a media briefing on Monday, the Iranian Intelligence Ministry declared the alleged spies were the Iranian residents yet prepared by the CIA.

Among those who have been captured have been sentenced to death by Iran, while others will be given long prison sentences, the Intelligence Ministry said.

It was not quickly clear when they were captured, according to NBC News.

The US officials have also not yet reacted to the charges. The government of Iranian often makes some similar claims and it was not promptly possible to decide if they are legitimate. The US President Donald Trump-led government never recognizes CIA enrollment abroad.

At Monday’s briefing held by an Iranian head of counter undercover work, an official asserted the 17 accused were attracted into spying while at times of applying for or reestablishing US visas or while addressing summits abroad with guarantees of cash and chances to work in the United States of America (USA).

The detained were given surveillance equipment by the handlers to put in sensitive government areas and got “extensive training” by the CIA so as to impart from Iran without being identified, authorities claimed. They were likewise given phony identification.

Some of those caught consented to cooperate with Iranian specialists and are presently neutralizing the US, the officials said.


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