Iran reveals upgraded missile defence system to guard against cruise, ballistic, drone attacks

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Tehran, August 10: Iran revealed on Saturday what the government said was a privately redesigned missile defence framework with a scope of 400 km (250 miles) and ready to guard against voyage and ballistic rockets and automatons.

The declaration comes during a period of rising strain among Iran and United States. Iran shot down a U.S. military observation drone in the Gulf region with a surface-to-air rocket in June. Tehran says the drone was over its airspace, however, Washington says it was in global airspace.

State TV demonstrated the Falaq, a vehicle and a versatile radar installation, it said was an improved form of the Gamma framework, which military specialists said was of a Russian origin, according to Reuters news reports.

Western military experts state Iran regularly misrepresents its weapons capacities, however worries about its long-extend ballistic rocket program added to Washington a year ago leaving the agreement that Iran fixed with world powers in 2015 to get control over its atomic desire in return for a facilitating of financial approvals.

“This system has high capabilities and can detect all types of cruise and ballistic missiles and drones,” Brigadier General Alireza Sabahifard, commander of the army’s air defenses, was quoted by semi-official news agency Mehr as saying.

Sabahifard said the Falaq was a privately upgraded form of a framework which had been out of activity for quite a while, Mehr detailed. He didn’t give the framework’s nation of inception.


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