Iran’ supreme chief Khamenei rules out any talks with President Trump-led US government

Tehran, May 15: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ruled out any talks with the United States government over the disputed issues, Tasnim news agency reported.

The US wants Iran to negotiate over its “defensive weapon” and to reduce the range of its missiles while urging Iran to talk over its regional strategy, the Iranian leader was quoted as saying by the Iranian news agency on Tuesday, Xinhua reported.

“Therefore, the talks (over these issues) are basically wrong,” Khamenei said, stressing that holding “talks with Washington, particularly with the current US government, is poisonous.”

US President Donald Trump pulled Washington out the landmark Iranian international nuclear deal in May last year and has re-imposed US sanctions against the Islamic republic.

With the sanctions and the recent US military build up in the Gulf, the Trump administration aims to force Iran to return to the negotiation table by exerting “maximum pressures”.

Washington seeks to seal a new nuclear deal with Iran, which will further curb Iran’s nuclear program, stop Iran’s ballistic missile development, and halt Iran’s push for influence in the region.

“None of our wise people (inside Iran) seeks talks with the US,” said Khamenei.

“Iranians’ ultimate option is to resist the US pressures, and in this confrontation, Americans will have to retreat,” he said.

The Iranian leader also ruled out the possibility of a war between Tehran and Washington, despite the rising tensions that have fuelled worries about an armed conflict between the two rivals.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the US does not want a war with Iran, amid escalating tensions between the two countries.

Speaking in Russia, Pompeo said the US was looking for Iran to behave like a “normal country”. Meanwhile, Iran’s supreme leader has also said there will be no war with the US.


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