Iran unveils ‘Khordad 15’ air defence system capable of intercepting targets at once: Defence Minister Hatami

Tehran, June 10: The Iranian defence ministry has on Monday revealed its newly domestically-developed air defence system, Khordad 15, which is capable of knocking down six targets at once, as per Tasnim news agency reports.

Iranian defence minister Brigadier general Amir Hatami was quoted by Tasnim as saying the new system which is equipped with independent launch pads and staggered array radar, is capable of detecting both intruding warplanes and drones within a 150-km range, and tracking them at a 120-km range.

Hatami was also cited as saying the Khordad 15 defence system is paired with Sayyad-3 long-range missiles, which is capable of detecting targets within an 85-km range and combating it at the 45-km range, according to Sputnik news reports.

The new system can also spot six targets at once simultaneously and can attempt to open fire at targets due to its high-level mobility in less than 5 minutes, the defence minister stated.

Hatami has, for the maximum level of the strike, stressed Khordad 15 system was able to knock down targets at a range of 27 km off the ground.

According to media outlet reports, the new Iranian defence system has been already deployed to the Iranian air defence forces.


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