Iran’s bid to launch ‘Payam’ satellite fails, claims no violations: Iran’ Azari-Jahromi

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Iranian telecoms minister Mohammad Javad Azari-Jahromi has on Tuesday said, Iran’s bid to launch a satellite, named Payam, failed in its third stage of the launch, after ignoring United States warnings to avoid such satellite launching.

According to Reuters news reports, Washington had warned Tehran early this month against undertaking the three planned rocket launches, which the US said would violate a UN security council resolution as they use ballistic missile technologies.

The US was concerned that the long-range ballistic missiles technology, which was used to put satellites into the orbit, could also be used to launch warheads.

Under the UN security council resolution, Iran was “called upon” to refrain itself from work on ballistic missiles designed to deliver the nuclear weapons for up to eight years.

According to reports on the ministry’s website, Azari-Jahromi said the satellite “Payam” has failed in its third stage of the launch because the satellite “did not reach adequate speed”.

In a tweet, Azari-Jahromi wrote that another satellite named Doosti was waiting to be launched. He wrote: “We should not come up short or stop. It’s exactly in these circumstances that we Iranians are different than other people in spirit and bravery.”

Iran, who considered its space program as a matter of national pride, has said Tehran’s missile tests and space vehicle launches were not violations and that it would continue its operation.


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