Islamabad keen to replicate Malaysian government, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran khan says

Imran Khan

On his two-day official visit to Malaysia, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday, praised Malaysian government and their leadership and said that Islamabad also wants to inherit the progress and development of Malaysia and its quality of leadership.

While attending a joint press conference with Malaysia Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, Imran Khan invited Mohammad to Pakistan next year on their special national occasion which falls on March 23. Accepting the invitation, Mohammad said he will definitely come and the bilateral process is in progress now.

Admiring Malaysian’s development, Khan said Pakistani government does wants to replicate the Malaysian model of great governance. Khan admired Mohammad and said he had transformed the country fully and also has raised the per capita income with Gross Development Product (GDP).

Khan said, “Apart from trade and future cooperation, we are looking forward for Malaysian cooperation in the tourism sector,” adding that Pakistan does not have any resort but have numbers of tourists spot to explore. Khan said Pakistani Government wants to end corruption and eagerly wants to learn from Malaysian government.

PM Imran Khan was welcomed by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and other ministers from the PM office of Malaysian government.


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