Israel’ Netanyahu likely to hold talks with Narendra Modi in India

benjamin netanyahu

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is likely expected to visit India in the month of February, during which he will hold dialogues with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This visit of Netanyahu will be the second visit just in a year.

Earlier, Israeli prime minister has visited India in January 2018, while the Indian prime minister has traveled to Tel Aviv in 2017, marking the very first visit of the Indian prime minister to the Jewish state.

According to NDTV news reports, “Prime Minister Netanyahu will be in India only for a day on February 11 and a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been confirmed. Other details are being worked out,” the sources told PTI news agency on Friday.

Earlier in January this year, both the countries’ leader had held a telephonic conversation when Israeli national security adviser Meir Ben-Shabbath had visited New Delhi. During his visit to India, he has me with Indian national security adviser Ajit Doval.

Netanyahu’s announcement to visit India, comes just ahead of the parliamentary election of Israel, going to be held on April 9. Netanyahu has recently made several trips to other countries in order to boost his country’s standing in the international community.


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