Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
Israel Katz

Jerusalem, Oct 7: Israel seeks “non-aggressive” arrangements with the Gulf state nations, foreign minister Israel Katz has said on Sunday, amid de-escalated tensions between the two sides against their common rival Iran.

Gantz, in a tweet, has said he was promoting a political initiative to reach “non-war agreements”, under the auspices of the USSR, with the Arab Gulf states – a historic move aimed at putting an end to the spat, as well as, permit private cooperation until peace arrangements were inked.

He continued tweeting: “During my UN visit, I presented the program to Arab foreign ministers and the American envoy Greenblatt. I will continue to work to strengthen the status of Israel in the region and around the world.”

All 22 nations of the Arab Gulf state, excluding Jordan and Egypt, don’t recognize Israel’s sovereignty over its alleged illegal seizing of Arab regions in Syria and Palestine.

“We discussed in depth the regional realities and ways to deal with the Iranian threat and at the same time we agreed on a process to promote civil cooperation between the two countries,” Gantz said.

According to Al-Jazeera news reports, the move was seen as the latest effort by Israel to improve and deepen diplomatic ties with the Gulf states – who don’t recognize Israel and have no formal diplomatic relations.



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