Israeli forces demolish 5,000 homes in East Jerusalem, fueling Palestinian fears

SUR BAHER, West Bank, July 22: Hundreds of Israeli forces, including police and soldiers, along with bulldozers have on Monday moved into Palestinian town of Sur Baher to demolish around 100 homes in the region of Wadi al-Hummus close to the separation border in defiance of international criticism and Palestinian protests.

According to Al-Jazeera news reports, the Israeli military considers the residence near the boundary – that confounds the occupied-West Bank – and is privately alluded to by Palestinians as “apartheid wall” –  politically-sanctioned racial segregation divider – a security hazard.

Last month, the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in support of Israel’s military and set Monday as the due date to demolish all homes – a move the Palestinians say will begin a precedent for different towns along the course of the hindrance, which keeps running for several kilometers around and through the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Palestinians blame Israel for utilizing security as a guise to drive them out of the region as a component of long-term endeavors to grow Israeli settlements. All settlements on occupied-Palestinian lands are illicit under international law.

They additionally bring up that the vast majority of the structures in Wadi al-Hummus region, situated inside Sur Baher, are intended to be under the Palestinian Authority and regular citizen control under the 1993 Oslo agrees.

However, a few residents said they would be made destitute. Proprietors said they had acquired permission to work from the Palestinian Authority, which activities restricted self-rule in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

Israeli powers cut through the wire fence close to the town on Monday, permitting them simpler access to the buildings.

Floodlights lit up an incompletely developed multi-storey building as many vehicles brought helmeted police and officers into the zone.

“Since 2 a.m. they have been evacuating people from their homes by force and they have started planting explosives in the homes they want to destroy. There are hundreds of soldiers here,” said Hamada Hamada, a community leader in one of the threatened regions.

The sprawling Sur Baher village bestride the barrier between the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Its political geology is confused by the way that pieces of it lie outside the city limits of Israeli-occupied East Jerusalem yet on the Israeli side of the boundary, cutting it off from the remainder of the West Bank.

Palestinian authorities state the compromised structures exist in regions that they should control. The Palestine Liberation Organization has issued an official statement accusing Israel’s Supreme court of aiming “to set a precedent to enable the Israeli occupying forces to demolish numerous Palestinian buildings located in close proximity” to the boundaries.


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