Jailed Reuters reporters win Pulitzer price for international reporting, revealing Rohingya crisis in Myanmar

Two jailed Reuters reporters have received Pulitzer price for international reporting and uncovering reports of Rohingya Muslims crisis in Rakhine province of Myanmar.

The two reporters were indicted by authorities of Myanmar over the charges of breaking the nation’s Official Sector Act, while they were into an investigation of Rohingya crisis and killing.

Reuters reporters Kyaw Soe Oo, 28, and Wa Lone, 32, were arrested in December 2017 in Yangon. Myanmar court has ordered seven-year imprisonment – a move that has been condemned by the human rights group as well as press freedom groups across the world.

According to ANI news reports, the investigation has revealed the killing of ten Rohingya Muslims in Inn Din village of Rakhine state. According to Reuters news reports, both Reuters reporters were moved into action after tottering upon a mass grave which was filled “with bones sticking out of the ground”.

Their probe has revealed three pictures of ten Rohingyas wounded and kneeling, and the third picture showed bullet-ridden bodies of the same ten Rohingyas in the same grave.

An apex court of Myanmar had rejected an appeal last year by two Reuters journalist, stating, “The court decides to dismiss the appeal.” The Judge said the defence has not provided enough evidence that the reporters were innocent.

The appeal which was submitted last year has cited a lack of proof of the crime as well as evidence through which police detained the reporters.

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