Joe Biden asserts that US-Europe alliance must push back against China’s economic aggression and abuses

picture credits- euexperts

America currently faces a huge transition from the ethos of Donald Trump’s “America first” to his successor who is all set to embrace global cooperation and alliance. Donald trump during his presidency had soured many relations with America’s allies in his pursuit to serve American interests first. US president elect Joe Biden is here to rectify such misgivings and warmer his countries’ relations with its allies.

It is no news that China during recent times has proved to be an aggressor in the fields of  economic and territorial expansion in its region. Be it stiff territorial standoff with India , suppressing of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong or sending ultimatums to Taiwan to crouch upon its sovereignty , China has been fortifying itself with the wealth and wrath of the nations. In addition to its aggressive pursuit of power, China has been using its economic prosperity to create mini-China’s around the world, burdened with liabilities of humongous debt.

Such economic aggression and abuses were consciously left unseen by the trump administration which tried to push in stiff economic trade terms against china. But president Joe Biden delivers relief with his policies to hold china accountable for its economic aggressions.

In his speech at the Munich Security Conference, he stated , “everyone must play by the same rules”. This comes after Biden’s administration seeks to maintain a tough stance on China while attempting to move away from former president’s pugilistic relationship with Beijing.

On Friday president Joe Biden expressed his concern to his international partners stating that they should strategically cooperate to hold china to account for its economic practices. He added to his speech, “we have to push back against the Chinese government’s abuses and aspirations that undercut the foundations of the international economic system”.

China has a reason to worry and perhaps even a reason to re -engineer its economic abusive policies as Joe Biden is committed for full-fledged corporation with his trans-Atlantic strategic partners to tackle the ominous threat posed by china. This is evident as joe Biden stated, “ I know that the past few years have strained and tested our trans-Atlantic relationship. But the United States is determined to re engage with Europe”.

Before his remarks, Joe Biden met with the leaders of G7, to discuss the global response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In a joint statement, issued after the meeting, they stated “work together and with others to make 2021 a turning point of multilateralism”.

It is also to be noted that China now not only faces challenge from the joint western world alliance but also from its close neighbor India. India in recent times has started to asset its position in south east Asia , as a nation willing to provide a tough fight to protect its sovereignty and dignity in the face of uncomplying, despicable elements of economic and territorial aggressions.

Thus it is a crucial term for Xi Jinping who might want to rectify and re-engineer his unauthorized expansionist and economic policies.