Kim Jong Un cancels South Korean peace talks; Threatens US Summit after provocative military exercises

Kim Jong Un has reportedly canceled a major peace talk with South Korea in the wake of the joint military exercises being conducted by the latter and the United States. North Korea has also officially threatened to call off the pre-planned historic summit with the US in June due to objections regarding the exercises.

According to the South Korean semi-official news agency Yonhap, North Korea has accused the practice drills between the two countries to be rehearsals for a joint invasion into the country. The North Korean leader did not accept the military maneuvers of the joint air forces as anything other than hostile. Kim Jong Un has apparently cited the exercise as “an intentional military provocation running counter to the positive political development on the Korean Peninsula.” Yonhap has also confirmed that North Korea has promised to reconsider their summit with the US after their “provocative military ruckus” conducted in the country.

However, the White House announced that they were not worried about these threats, as President Trump had received no indication of postponing the 12th June summit. The Max Thunder maneuvers never bore any hostile intention from the country and were only a routine military exercise with South Korea. The maneuver had started on Friday, 11th May, with 22 radar-evading fighters and unspecified numbers of F-15K gets and B-52 bombers, and is set to remain in action for two whole weeks with cooperation from the South Korean government.


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