Korean Peninsula leaders to hold a meeting on September 13 ahead of the summit

According to the officials from Seoul, the leaders from South Korea and North Korea will be holding a meeting on Thursday ahead of the summit which is scheduled from September 18-20. The agenda of the meeting is to find realistic measures to deal with the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula.

The meeting is planned for September 13 at the border village of Panmunjom to discuss ways to ease tensions in the border area ahead of the summit. South Korea’s defence minister said that the talks will deal in disarming a jointly controlled area at Panmunjom, removing frontline guard posts and conducting joint military searches for the soldier missing from the Korean War.

In military discussions in late July, the leaders of Korea had a fruitful meeting but didn’t reach to any accord. It is said that the 3-day summit starting from September 18, will be a turning point as both the leaders are willing to act on denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.
A few days back, Kim Jong- unexpressed and reaffirmed his stance on denuclearization by writing a letter to Donald Trump seeking a follow- up meeting after a Historic meeting in Singapore. “It was a very warm, very positive letter,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said, adding that the message showed Pyongyang’s “continued commitment to focus on denuclearization” on the Korean Peninsula.


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